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Tracing the evolution of Public Relations

evolution-of-pr-1Technology infusion. Social media. Changing people’s perception. Forces responsible for the transformation the way PR, as an industry domain, has changed in functionality. They are acting as the biggest factors how PR operates in the present day as compared to the yester years.

So, how does the evolution of PR has shaped up?

  • First and foremost, the act of sending out news/press releases has become near obsolete similar to taking pictures with a film camera. Many PR practitioners have termed it as inefficient. Instead, they are preferring to leverage mediums such as email and social channels which are free. PR agencies don’t need to pass these additional costs to the customers and also enable them to offer services efficiently.


  • PR companies no longer need lag time in sending out details. In the digital age, information is sent out quickly and instant connections are built with the target consumers. Journalists are also using the social channels and the associated tools to spread awareness. Very few wait for the printed edition of the newspaper to come out. Information is being shared at lightning fast speed as it comes with the added benefit of being traceable. Yes, social media progress can be tracked.


  • Over the years, the divide between news professionals and PR practitioners has narrowed down considerably. In the past, very limited number of journalists considered PR as a career opportunity. That’s not the case anymore. The interaction between journalists and PR practitioners have bolstered by manifold. They work symbiotically and keep a track of each other using the social channels.


  • The strategies adopted by PR agencies encompass multiple avenues to send a focused message. There are varied online places where the conventional news/ releases are able to get good play. PR practitioners are building relations with the bloggers and journalists, both at the same time. Releases are available on social channels and followed up by the varied opportunities to interact with the target consumers, share conversation and review information that can influence the PR campaigns instantly.


  • The migration to the smartphones has positively influenced the working of PR agencies The phone is not just used for making and receiving calls anymore. PR practitioners use the mobile devices to connect to a vast section of the audience that is consistently reviewing the emails and social media websites. They are more often used for tweeting, retweeting, replying to queries and sending out information. Every PR strategy revolves around the use of these devices to its full potential.


It has been mentioned in the past that the new age and smart PR practitioners are reaching out to the top bloggers who prefer to work like the non-conventional journalists. These days, the PR strategies encompass creating regular blogs that are able to occupy the same space. Blogs that are developed by PR practitioners are better positioned to drive traffic and resonate with a wider audience base. These new interactive means of communications have a higher chance of building a connection with the brand.

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