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Value of Public Relations in India’s education industry

Value of Public Relations in India’s education industry

The $30-billion-plus Indian education sector is a super opportunity across stakeholders. As for PR companies in India, they have greater relevance as they play a key role in strengthening position and building awareness.

Since targeting audiences is integral for any educational institution, collaborating with a PR firm can play a pivotal role in the successful functioning, boosting brand presence and promotion. In fact, PR can come into action at the very initial stage, addressing aspirants, parents and teachers alike. A leading PR agency in India can help the education industry players to boost their visibility and strengthen presence.


There’s no denying that people rely on a PR firm more as compared to an advertising. Advertising agencies focus upon glorifying a business whereas a PR practitioner is responsible for highlighting the positive about a customer – encompassing the background of the institute, courses provided, achievements of the learners/ students and faculty etc.

In the recent years, leading PR agencies in India have initiated events for clients as it allows them instant feedback and boosts two-way communication. Cultural events, donation drives, meetings, launches, fashion shows, sports events are some of the most common event types. The onus lies on the PR firm to properly plan and execute to distribute the press release to different media agencies for coverage.

A positive image of the business is developed by spreading and circulating positive information and the policies. These days, online PR tools are being commonly used for communicating via leveraging social media to share varied updates and activities related to an institution. Leading PR agencies feel that content such as blogs, essays, SEO friendly articles can boost social media management and search engine optimisation.

PR activities can help any educational institution in the expansion of applicant count, bringing improvement in the internal relations and bolstering reputation as well.

Industry insiders are of the opinion that a robust leadership and efficient PR plan can help the education players to forge a stronger bond and partnership to empower the public.

Earlier, school PR used to focus upon bagging positive messages out. In fact, this one-way communication street was positioned and capable of showcasing the best of an institution to bag community support. But things have changed as people are bombarded with information about the schools, this model has lost its impact. An efficiency driven PR plan offers value by offering people relevant details they can leverage, not just the details that the schools should convey about the complete process.

In other words, efficient PR means the educational institutes ask and bag information. An effective PR program is capable of displaying them the reciprocal value.


The Indian education space demands a proactive PR plan that is effective and brings value to the bottom line. The willingness to implement a change is capable of opening up new doors, which is capable of enhancing the productivity.

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  1. For any educational institution, good PR initiates with cost-free investment of thoughtful evaluation.

     Anticipate the crises and solutions Irrespective of how proficient a school's teachers and adminstrators are,occasional problems and challenges are unavoidable. Accidents, injuries and natural disasters are reality that may impact our districts. A PR professional can help create a crisis communication plan so that a school or district is prepared to react to any circumstance. A crisis plan can help boost the credibility and reputation of a school.

     Media relations

    The media is a powerful force that helps the organization spread news,
    information and trends to the public.

     Connect with the community

    It is key for the adminstrators and teachers to lay stress upon the enrichment and development of their students. Communications professionals can focus on the enrichment and development of the school as a whole.

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