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What are the four P’s of PR?

4psprPR is all about managing the communication flow between a company and its publics. Right? Absolutely! It’s easy? No way!  PR can become quite tricky and a potential ticking time bomb if the communication flow is not properly managed. While Public Relations continues to take the centre stage in the modern day business world, many are still unsure how PR pros ensure that their messages are delivered on time, accurately and relevantly. PR is a multi-faceted process and demands effective communication in a variety of disciplines, say leading PR agencies in India.

Nonetheless, to flourish, grow and not flounder by metrics-rich social and digital aspects, it is time to address essential the four Ps of Public Relations – Protect, Promote, Perform and Prove.

  • Protect

Leading PR agencies in India are of the opinion that communications enact a key role in developing and sustaining the corporate as well as brand reputation of an entity. It is a common practice that CEOs of a company to rely on COOs during times of crisis. However, top managements need to also look at reinforcing themselves and investing in reputation capital and drawing on their reserves.

  • Promote

New product development and novelty bring the top management teams in contact with communication aspects. And, communication plays a key role in the sharing of latest developments across stakeholders, both internal as well as external.

  • Perform

Random PR or communications ‘acts’ died its death long ago. It is time for Public Relations to align and contribute to the business (and financial) objectives of a firm. Moreover, PR needs to be properly integrated with the varied departments – marketing, social, digital, IT, data, insights, and consumer/customer market intelligence.

  • Prove

Modern-day communication functions should be capable of generating evidence-focussed narrative and data-driven insights to boost reputation.  In recent times, leading PR agencies in India have emphasised upon using only those metrics that bring value add to businesses.

The bottom line

Understandably, the four Ps cannot be uprooted from PR. They are the spine of the practice. After all, it’s all about getting the message out efficiently among the customers for timely target achievements.

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