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Better conversion and customer retention – take the Popkorn way!

Today the web is where all the action is. With increasing dependency of consumers on the internet to meet all their utilitarian as well as entertainment needs, the world wide web has become the new hub for hanging out, gathering information, sharing opinion and in a nutshell, getting what you want. In order to tap this pro-active and immensely watchful audience, you need to ensure that you build your brand online and keep it buzzing consistently. This is where

  • We help you devise a strategy that not only taps the expansive social media space convincingly but also creates relevant content customised to reflect your brand
  • From design and development of your website, working on search engine optimisation, conducting social media marketing to skilfully optimising the digital media platform and engaging in high quality video production, we are here to establish your web presence and channelise this presence to its full potential
  • We can help you reaching niche audiences to gain mass appeal and entice your consumer to come and find you. In turn, you get the opportunity to communicate and nurture virtual visibility that transcends traditional barriers of geographies, time zones and demographics.
  • Our web based services and tactical approach to marketing will open your window to the world like never before.