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Why businesses should consider investment in SEO

In the world of Internet Marketing, questions are often raised about the validity of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While many are of the opinion that good design and content are crucial, the relevance of SEO can’t be denied as it is an excellent branding instrument for a business. Over the years, SEO has undergone a dramatic transformation and treating it as a mere marketing tactic is inappropriate. In simple words, effective SEO is capable of bringing measurable and desirable results.

SEO offers innumerable benefits and it’s time organisations develop a robust SEO-optimised online presence that is search-engine friendly in its approach.

There are varied SEO agencies in India that are helping businesses improve their rankings on multiple search engines. Although SEO has proven to be an integral component for today’s businesses, an important question still remains unanswered: Are the expenses of bringing on board an India-based SEO agency worth the investment?

We have listed out a few of the key reasons why businesses should be considering an investment in SEO, especially in the current virtual climate.

  • Accessibility Accessblity

Although many enterprises prefer to invest time and budget to create an engaging website, in a saturated market, only SEO has the ability to create a differentiation apart from building a robust brand presence. With the optimisation of the website, services and products in regard to the latest SEO practices, search engines can improve the ranking and visibility of any website.

  • Cost efficiency 

SEO enjoys good organic presence as it continues to work all round the clock to boost traffic. Moreover, the costs associated with the different forms of online marketing like PPC advertising, Social Media marketing and buying leads from an email marketing program are high. Although PPC is expected to act as revenue booster and Social Media is crucial for the image of a business, organic SEO in varied ways continues to play a crucial role in bolstering online presence. Among the varied benefits of SEO, cost efficiency is stressed upon by all.

  • User experience UX

When a website comprises of too many errors and slow loading pages, it frustrates the audiences. SEO resolves day-to-day issues like broken links, slow pages, bad coding and more. An SEO-optimised website ensures that the audiences are engaged for a longer duration.

  • Higher market shares of search engines

Reports suggest that approximately 80-90% of the clients now undertake online reviews while going for a purchase and this figure is only expected to go up in the coming months. Most of the audiences prefer to look for products and services online. Without the presence of organic SEO, consumers will face a tough time finding relevant information about your business. A proper SEO system helps enterprises to identify the competitors.

  • Content is king Content is king

Content plays a crucial role in influencing SEO. Since search engines emphasise on the development of the best possible user experience for the audiences, SEO helps websites to gain considerable visibility through the means of content curation. When audiences are able to identify value in the content, chances of syndication only strengthen.

Some of the key SEO benefits are –

  • High ROI
  • Long lasting strategy as compared to PPC
  • Higher click-through-rate along with stronger conversion rate as compared to PPC
  • Effective way to strengthen your business and augment online presence
  • Higher traffic


Opting for investment in organic SEO is more crucial than earlier. The absence of organic keyword data and traffic can hamper growth opportunities. Hence, every organisation should have an SEO strategy to achieve success as it can positively impact the branding initiatives undertaken by a business. Hence, give SEO a try as many savvy businesses are achieving success with it.

Are you happy with the existing status of SEO? Planning to follow any particular strategies? Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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