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Why should your PR integrate inbound marketing tactics

Conversions (1)Once not too long ago, public relations focussed upon sending out a message to a set of targeted consumers as an add-on to push sales and create awareness.

The evolution of the Internet has propelled the shift towards digital PR. To fit the changing landscape, PR companies have displayed keenness to master new skills as consumers, businesses, brands and organisations fiercely rely upon ‘digital’ approach. Moreover, it is the perfect way to boost profiles and distribute messages, which the conventional PR is unable to do in the absence of reach and availability.

With the passage of time, the ability to integrate inbound marketing tactics into the PR mix has assumed great relevance. We must understand that these changes impact functioning of businesses considerably. Only when PR agencies focus upon weaving existing skills with the new ones, the effect can be optimized and lead to a win-win situation.

The key functions that will continue to be the same

Since digital technology has transformed the world of PR, day-to-day PR activities need to adapt a different approach to achieve targets. Despite the changes, a PR agency is expected to:

  • Create and position byline articles/posts on websites with strong traffic
  • Develop news-focussed press releases and push their distribution to the relevant media and news hub
  • Play the role of brand evangelist responsible for maximising the visibility of their customers

Look closely and you will see that the blending of new-age tactics with additional components is already happening.

Is it possible to apply Inbound Marketing fundas to PR?

Inbound Marketing has the ability to get desired attention via a two-way communication process – rich content and value creation. Few of the key components of Inbound Marketing such as social media, content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) make it possible to connect the attention of consumers to products and services. Similar to PR, Inbound Marketing is driven by the same goal to maximise visibility and build awareness. In fact, marketing gurus say that the two can be interchanged as they serve the same purpose.

Looking for ways to update your PR bandwagon with Inbound Marketing?

  • Stress on educational content

While PR agencies usually create opinion pieces for edits, op-eds, print magazines and trade publications, inbound marketing article focuses upon the creation of educational and entertaining content that aims to build a quick connect with the masses. Ipso facto, same deliverables but different approaches.

For instance, if your client is a weight loss company, then a sample Inbound Marketing article can be on topics such as ‘Quick and effective snacking tips when on diet’ and ‘How to lose weight with GM diet’. It can be a guest or e-zine article, on a blog post with the emphasis upon generating ‘quality content’.

  • Optimisation of press releases for SEO

Since it becomes all the more important to make every press release easy to find, use popular keywords related to a topic. Spend some time on keyword research as it will help boost the overall visibility of the press release. Choose those keyword phrases that fit your release requirements.

It is advisable for PR agencies to keep in mind that a release is localised to the community’s flavor and area-specific terms are used. Since the competition for a local keyword is smaller, localisation improves hit rates.

  • Use your PR content judiciously and be a content generator, not just a curator

Do not limit your scope to just press releases and bylines. Develop infographics, eBooks, podcasts, white papers and other domain-specific content. Add a fresh take to your byline article or blog post relevant to your client.

If you have tons of content lying unnoticed on your client’s blog, post comments on other blog posts that follow a similar approach and hyperlink the comment back to your client’s blog post.  Re-purposing content in varied ways makes it shareable and boosts visibility.

Since developing fresh content is time-consuming, reuse available content to maximise client presence and readership.

Want to tell the readers about your own experiment with ‘tricks’ to integrate Inbound Marketing with PR initiatives? Share with us!

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