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Worst Social Media Blunders: Are you Guilty of Committing any of these?

Worst Social Media BlundersSocial Media comes with the humungous potential to make or break any brand. In fact, it can be used by businesses judiciously to engage with clients as it drives referrals and leads and bolsters brand recognition and loyalty, all at the same time. It has the ability to open up innumerable channels of communication with prospective clients and get accustomed with the target audiences as well. This is one of the reasons it is so disheartening when brands fail to utilise Social Media to its full potential.

As the public face of an organisation stays online, misappropriate use of Social Media can cause client alienation and PR meltdowns. After all, when a campaign backfires, the end result pains the business owners tremendously. Many of you will nod in agreement that varied types of faux pas are sweeping the Social Media nowadays. Are you familiar with these mishaps? If not, here’s a list of the worst Social Media blunders that have been committed time and again by businesses/organisations in the last few years.

Take a quick look at our list and stop yourself from committing these serious Social Media blunders ever again.

Viewing all the Social Media platforms as the same

Many Digital Marketing professionals treat the varied Social Media platforms as the same. We understand that they may look similar. Most of the users have profiles and post status updates, thoughts, photos, videos and links.

But, it is not appropriate to offer the same treatment to all the different Social Media platforms. Every Social Media channel functions differently and targets different demographics.

Not having a Social Media policy

There is no denying the fact that most employees of an organisation prefer to maintain their Social Media presence, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. There are huge chances that they are talking about your organisation on these platforms as well.

It’s a big mistake to expect privacy on Social Media platforms.  If someone is badmouthing your enterprise and its services/products, it creates a bad impression on the clients (both existing and potential).

So, it needs to be ensured that a company-wide Social Media policy is in place and every employee understands it. Specify what is appropriate to be posted about the company/product/services.

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Not paying attention to the messages and complaints

Every Social Media platform follows a particular way to send and receive personal or direct messages. Users can write on the business’ Facebook page or send tweets directed to the company’s Twitter account. While most of the feedback is expected to be positive, brace yourself to receive complaints from the unsatisfied users. Ignoring or avoiding the complaints is one of the worst mistakes a company could commit.

For all the complaints a company receives, they have the opportunity to display the fact that they care about resolving the issues at the earliest.

Not properly utilising the Social Media marketing tools

Most of the prominent Social Media platforms have their own set of marketing tools that brands can use to their advantage for tapping clients.

The availability of Facebook advertising is an effective way to promote a website, an offer or even an upcoming trade show.  Moreover, any business can search for users based on their geographical location, age, gender or personal liking.

Emphasising on quantity instead of quality

How many Facebook and Twitter followers does your business have? Are these people part of your existing clientele base? There are varied reasons why a person ‘likes’ a business page, but it doesn’t mean that they are interested in opting for your services.

As Social Media is driven by the motto to bolster client relationships, it is an absolute-must to ensure that the message is being sent to the ‘right’ person.

A single ‘like’ does not mean a sale. Stress on creating brand awareness and loyalty with those clients who are connecting with you on Social Media so that it becomes easier to convert the followers into buyers later.

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As the current Social Media landscape is loaded with innumerable mistakes one can learn from, it’s best to understand the takeaways and ensure that your Social Media is working in the right direction by avoiding these embarrassing setbacks. We recommend businesses to practice a conscious Social Media approach or seek help from PR agencies as it will lower the requirement for damage control and more time can be spent on positive marketing strides.

  1. Hashtags are one of the best ways to reach outside your current sphere of followers, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Posting relevant hashtags with your tweets and images can lead to new users finding and potentially following you. Posting irrelevant hashtags, on the other hand, can have embarrassing and even catastrophic consequences.

  2. Some brands are still under the impression that social media is primarily about posting, tweeting and pinning. While this is certainly a big part of social media marketing, more and more consumers are expecting brands to be present and active in terms of responding to questions and complaints.

    Experts are of the opinion that there’s a big push within social media for business owners to be honest and transparent, and to show their personal side. People want to know they’re dealing with other people, not faceless brands.

    Negative comments and feedback are going to happen, and how you respond to them says a lot about your brand. Some business owners are of the opinion that simply deleting negative comments is the way to go; getting rid of them instead of facing them head on.

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