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Top PR trends of 2016 you can’t ignore

2015 turned out to be a great year for the marketing and communications discipline.  Referring to it as a dynamic and exciting year would be more appropriate as new technologies were able to transform the PR experiences. With the passage of time, the world of communication is […]

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Common content marketing challenges faced by businesses: PART 2

In the digital world, marketing focusses more on reaping benefits from the short-term opportunities. While marketers love to explore varied avenues to their best advantage, dismissing Content Marketing as a short-term fad is inappropriate. In fact, it would be more appropriate to state that the importance of […]

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Common content marketing challenges faced by businesses: PART 1

Believe it or not, Social Media is driving consumerism in ways never seen or experienced before. This incredible tool for sharing work is being used by brands and businesses to feed audiences with attractive content. There’s no denying that companies have an enormous amount of content to […]

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Building brand on Social Media

Before the advent of Social Media, word of mouth advertising played a big role as it helped to find customers online success. Now, Social Media has made word of mouth go viral and pushed the clients to manage their brand identity successfully. A business usually aims to […]

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Effective ways to improve lead generation practices with PR

Many of us often ask if PR has the ability to generate the right type of clientele leads. The answer is yes. The ability to master the skill to generate earned media articles in the quality publications is crucial in PR. PR practitioners and brand marketers are […]

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